(Side Seam-Side Seam Double)

Top Of Collar-Bottom Of Shirt

This shirt is made of 66% Rayon and 34% Polyester. Machine washable.

Medium 46" 30.5"
Large 48" 31.5"
X-Large 52" 32.5"
XX-Large 55" 32.5"
XXX-Large 58" 34"
** The above size chart reflects the approximate measurements for the garment. The chest size is not your chest size but the chest measurement of the
shirt. Most men are normally safe purchasing a shirt that is approximately 6" larger than their chest measurement. You will find that this will
generally work out to be your "normal" size. Not sure of your own chest measurement? Your "normal" size will usually be correct. Please call us
at 888-900-1950 or e-mail with any sizing questions.

The design inspiration for these great shirts represents cool, clean and relaxed elements
combined with uniqueness and colorful appeal. These shirts are appropriate for today's
diversified lifestyle, hence they are perfect for a multitude of different social settings.

Not only do these shirts look incredible, but thanks to the rayon blend fabric, they also
feel as incredible as they look. Features color matched buttons and sleeves that are cuffed
and notched. Available in black and white, blue and white, tan and white and green and white.